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Allégo Concordia



Rethink your drive:

Bike, Walk, Use Public Transit, Carpool or Car Share!

The mission of Allégo Concordia is to reclaim Concordia's streets from the automobile (or at least the single occupant ones!) by advocating for the alternatives: bicycles, public transit, rideshare and your own two feet!

Our Goals
To PROMOTE sustainable transportation to and from Concordia.

To EDUCATE the Concordia community about transportation options.

To INVOLVE the Concordia community in increasing campus sustainability.

Allégo aims to make it effortless, secure, and safe to walk, bike, use public transit, carpool or car share to Concordia University. By reducing the number of single occupancy automobile trips to and from the University, together, as a community, we can reduce our carbon footprint, save money, reduce stress, help the environment, get more exercise, and create a more sustainable community!

Your Ideas

Please don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us; we would love to hear them! Contact us at


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